Contact improvisation dance gathering for movers & activists



 Latvia, Suseja


Our bodies and minds tend to form habits. Habits of moving, habits of thinking. Habits of seeing oneself, of touching the other. Habits which are not always the happiest or easiest ones. Is it surprising then that also our society ends up functioning in patterns of social conditioning and power, leaving some of us imprisoned in boxes - of gender, race, class, age, ableness, sexual orientation - serving to categorize, manipulate and divide us.

The current worldwide rise of ideas and leaders which promote intolerance, exclusion and the creation of an enemy has made us wary. Our current space of freedom – a space for dance – could be challenged more than we imagine.

We want to invite you to dance with us to open new spaces within - because the change we want to see in our world can only start with our own bodies and minds.



We invite all movers interested in politics and political activists interested in movement, dance and bodywork. All levels of experience,all ages, sizes, genders, colors and nationalities are welcome.We explicitly invite families to join. Our goal is to have a basic community-based framework for children and their caregivers.



We want to spend a week of moving and thinking experiments, tailored towards exploring the boxes we live in and discovering different ways our bodies and minds can move, think and touch.

We will not have paid teachers: this will be an experimental non-hierarchical open lab structure, however, each day we will hold at least one dance/movement class, a contact dance jam, and a sharing circle.

Are you a dancer, social worker, gender educator, therapist, teacher, artist, storyteller? Do you have a special interest in alternative lifestyles, community processes or children work? We invite you to come forward with your lab proposition. This is a space to test your boldest ideas – to help us move out of the box.



RC is an attempt to build a community for dancers and thinkers who feel there is body based exclusion. Based on the framework of radical left thinking and activism from one part, and the contact dance technique, on the other, it attempts to build a safe space, which is consious and critical of societal norms, where new things can be tried out and experiences shared.

The frame in which we operate is "Body politics". We believe that every social and political action manifests in our bodies, so it's from the knowledge and understanding of how we move and relate to others and our environments that we can expand our awareness and bring about societal chnge



Contact Improvisation is a form of improvised dancing established in the US in 1972. It is an open-ended exploration of the possibilities of bodies moving through contact. Sometimes wild and athletic, sometimes quiet and meditative, we believe it is a powerful tool to integrate your mind and body and reflect on the ways we relate, accessible to all kinds of bodies, to make our minds, bodies and societies more inclusive.



The gathering will take place in the beautiful green Latvian countryside, guest house “Suseja” ( which is home for one of the most particular tiny-scale musical festivals of Europe “SanSuSi”. The accomodation will be in shared rooms, with sleeping spaces both in beds and on the floor.

Please get in touch in advance if you have special body needs. We aim to make the gathering accessible to everyone, however there are some restrictions.



We will share 3 delicious vegan meals a day, mostly regional and biologically grown, will be prepared for us by our Latvian cook. Please notify us of any special diet demands.


The common language of this event is English. Each year participants volunteer to help translate so that the event is accessible for those not fluent in English.



As this is a non-commercial event, we only ask for a contribution to cover the costs. Total cost per person per week, including food, snacks and accommodation, is about 240 EUR. You can pay anywhere between 200 and 280 EUR, on a sliding scale. Please be honest about your resources andpay as much as you possibly can, so that people who have tight budget can also participate.If money is a problem, talk to us, maybe we can find a solution. 



Please send an email to by 15 June, 2017, with a short introduction of yourself, stating also what would you like to contribute and what would you like learn during our MOVING OUT OF THE BOX excercise.

We can accomodate a max. of 40 participants, your application will help us to put together a friendly community keen to share, learn, think, dance and play.

 After receiving a confirmation from us, to secure your place, 50% of the contribution has to be paid by the 1st of the July.